If You need Help in the Green rush: STart Here

We are experts in coaching and consulting so you can make well-informed business decisions.


We start with Risk Analysis and Quality Assurance, and then move into developing your strategies, business plans, and applications to give you a sound foundation for success.

Commercial Hemp and Cannabis Applications

We are industry leaders in the delivery of compliant, compelling, and winning commercial cannabis applications for legal cannabis licenses/permits in states and cities with medical and/or adult-use regulations and laws. From applications in highly competitive environments for full vertical integration with multiple operations, such as cultivation, manufacturing, and dispensary, to low-competition "fill-in-the-blank" applications, we bring our Project Management, Systems Engineering, and Science skills to each opportunity.

Standard Operating Procedures and Compliance Program

We are devoted to educating our clients and their employees how to be compliant and pass audits by state and city regulators.  We will write, edit, and improve your SOPs.  We will provide quarterly reviews and walkthroughs so you can have confidence that your SOPs are up to standards and are being followed by your employees. This annual service program is a one-of-a-kind Compliance Excellence Program, tailored for the legal cannabis industry.

Consulting for Indoor Growing

We focus on creating a healthy hydroponics system through the use of beneficial microbes, beneficial insects, and best practices. Ultimately, this maximizes quality and yield without the use of pesticides.  We want you to be able to meet the strict standards necessary for safe and consistent medicine for adult use and medical patients. 

What Do You Need to be Successful in the Green Rush?


Wherever you are - city or state, we are here to help you start your business; we will prepare the requirements compliance materials and work with you to develop your compelling story.  Then, with you and a few specialized experts, we will prepare your applications.

Business Plans

Just getting started?  You will need a Business Plan and Pitch Deck.  We bring years of experience in writing Business Plans and Pitch Decks to brainstorm and prepare materials tailored just for you.  They are beautiful and compelling to the reviewers.


There are several sources of good starter pro formas available - such as SCORE and SBA.  We have our own Agate Financial Team assist you to prepare pro formas and projections for your special business processes and operations. 

Business Operations Manuals

How do you accomplish the work in the various business units?  How do you ensure that all of your work flow is properly explained?  You need an excellent Business Operations Manual for your business.  With our capabilities in  organization and rigorous standards we will provide you a clear, easy to read and use Business Operations Manual.


Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are a critical set of documents to show regulators and auditors that you are running your business according to laws and your own Business Operations Manual.  We use the most up-to-date software solutions to prepare SOPs for you for audit trails and that you can license, or even franchise.


You need to be ready 24/7 for law enforcement, regulators, or auditors to arrive.  They will want to check that you are operating in compliance with laws and your SOPs. We will help you to be ready by providing training, assessments, drills, spot checks, and mock reviews.


We all have risks in our businesses.  You can stay ahead of problems with a monthly Risk Assessment Review and up-to-date Risk List and Mitigation Plan.  We help you identify Risks, determine the plan to reduce and eliminate them, and provide you the on-going service to go forward with confidence.


We specialize in Research and Development programs for your cultivation facilities.  Would you like to test and verify new strains?  Would you like to introduce a new nutrient line?  Do you need to know how your products' efficacy changes over time?  We will prepare and conduct the scientific studies that will get the answers.


Plants looks sick?  Plants dying for no apparent reason?  Runts in the litter? We are PhD scientists with a combined 50 years of experience.  We will work with you to assess the problem and get a plan of action in place.  Your crop health is our highest priority.


We love to teach and make complex ideas and scenarios fun and entertaining for a wide variety of audiences.  We provide individualized training through workshops, one-on-one tutoring, and self-paced training materials for your workforce.  We teach in multiple ways: lectures, doing, and moving.


Creative Problem Solving is a productive and enjoyable way to tackle any problem.  Think of it as advanced brainstorming with a trained facilitator.  We use advanced problem solving modes, such as parallel and lateral thinking -- to spend a few hours getting to the answers you need.

Caring Service

We strongly believe that no one can go it alone.  We want to be the helper, mentor, caring partner, and friend to help you achieve your vision of your business.  We are here for you.