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Become a citizen scientist in our "Science Stewards" program.  We will prepare an experimental plan and help you become a meaningful contributor to science - through your own daily work life.


Science Steward Program

Do you have a great idea in science or design that will help to solve the problems of indoor or greenhouse cultivation?  Will you devote 5% of your cultivation facility to be used for scientific research into better methods and capabilities using the scientific method in partnership with PhD scientists?  We may not be able to acquire funding from federal grants, but that does not mean we cannot be citizen scientists and provide the highest quality experimental design, true data analysis, and repeatable, reviewable, and publishable results.  You can be a part of determining the next best steps in Controlled Environment Agriculture as a citizen scientist with our Agate Biosciences Science Steward Program.  We will assist you with our science expertise to become a successful Science Steward and citizen scientist. We will award merit-based grants to cultivators willing to devote a minimum of 5% of their cultivation facility to scientific research and designers with unique solutions.  We will work in partnership with you to build the important database that will answer questions scientifically and help remove the stigma and "fish stories" associated with anecdotal results.  We are all scientists - it is a way of behaving and thinking.

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