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Our values of respect,integrity, stability, and kindness are shown in our transparent pricing options and programs.


We Provide Transparent, Fair, and Stable Pricing

We will work with you to find the right price, tailored just for you, based on the work that you wish to have done.  No job is too small or too large for our team.  We will work to deadlines and provide our cadre of experts to provide the necessary expertise and care to help you be ready and to win in the competitive market.  With our familiarity with Project Management, we know how to get jobs done on schedule and on budget - and with great care for quality.

Monthly Subscriptions

(minimum six months investment)

Silver Subscription Service

Simple and straightforward; one item only

1. Business plans; 2. SOPs;

and 3. Simple applications (additional final fees apply to this payment plan)


Gold Subscription Service

Full service for turn-key deliverables:

1. Applications; 2.SOPS; 3. Quality Assurance Plans; 4. Annual Audit Plans; 5. Ongoing coaching; 6. Ongoing Research; 6. Other areas, such as strain selection support or clone pathology assessments and mitigation


Editing of Others' Work

For those who need editing and fixing documentation that was written or prepared by other parties


Investor Advisement

For those who need assessments of properties, businesses, financials, plans, schedules, and technical details to determine the risk level and issues related to investment of capital


Example Tasks, By Work Element

(purchased as one-time events)

Technical and Documents Consulting

We will conduct detailed assessments and prepare appropriate reports according to needed schedule


Single Component



Preparation of compliant, compelling application tailored for you in a competitive market


Multiple Applications

in the Same


After the initial application, other applications may be discounted, depending on the regulations and


< $50,000

Financial Pro Formas/Projections

 Start-Up costs, Capitalization, help with Proof of Capitalization, Pro forma/projections,Bases of Estimates

 $ 6,000

Pitch Decks & Prep for Pitches

Compelling PowerPoint/InDesign Documents, Stakeholder Assessment, Financial Projections and expected ROI

 $ 10,000 - $30,000

Security Plans

Compliant and concise: we prepare security plans tailored for your specific locality