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for your business plans, applications, Standard Operating Procedures, and Geographical Information System (GIS) assessments


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Oklahoma, we wish you a special welcome!

Our CEO grew up in Lubbock and graduated with her PhD from UT Austin - but please don't hold that against her (;-))! She and her husband, Dr. Roger Kern, (UC Davis, California's ag school) have spent years helping small business people navigate the regulated environment to help them become successful in cannabis. We are here to help with education, coaching, and a friendly conversation. We write permit papers, applications, SOPs, and guides. We would love to help you find your way in this

New Ag -- Cannabis Ag.

Just a Couple of Extra Videos

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What could be more natural than the flowers of the field?

Cannabis is one of the most amazing plants on Earth.  God-given for us to utilize in hemp products, medicines, and refreshment.

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Oil Patch Blues

We busted out of the oil field in the '80s and went on to new work in New Ag.  There is always a second chance at success.