Good Decision-making Starts with Good thinking

We provide expert analysis and advice for investors.  Our combined 50 years in government-regulated service provides a strong basis for wisdom and judgment.  Our comprehensive approach to Leadership, Management, Systems Engineering, Change Management, and Organizational Project Management Standards helps to ensure your success.


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We Specialize in Good Decision-Making to Maximize Rapid Return On Investment

We have spent decades assessing the viability of proposed new technologies and businesses on behalf of the US government.  This has provided us with an immediate ability to assess technologies and business opportunities quickly and with significant technical and financial expertise.  Having worked in the competitive business arena as business coaches, proposal/application writers, compliance masters, and technical advisors, we bring our expertise to you -- the investor -- to determine IF a company is a good risk for your investment.  We will provide clear documentation and justification with a recommendation backed up by numbers and comparisons across the industry.  Our assessments of your Return on Investment or possible losses are based upon our years of experience across the many work elements that are needed for successful businesses.