Start Compliant and Stay Compliant with Excellent Audit Plans

Did you know that cannabis businesses face up to 50+ audits per year? We can navigate this tortuous path with an easily understandable Annual Audit Plan.


We Prepare Your Annual Audit Plan

You will need up to 50 internal audits each year.  You need to plan for them to ensure that you have the budget and the workforce planned for them whether they are internal or external audits done by a third-party.  From physical inventory, financial accuracy, compliance to state and municipal laws and regulations, SOP compliance to Human Resources, Cash Management and Handling, and Hygiene, you will have to show the regulators that you are doing everything according to law, regulation, and your SOPs.  You need an Annual Audit Plan to allow you to plan the budget and schedule for these essential audits for.  Get ahead of the game and get an Annual Audit Plan.

We will meet with your leaders and stakeholders to assess the risks you face across your business and prepare the Annual Audit Plan to address your highest risk areas, according to your budget and schedule.  We help you prepare for the schedule of audits.