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What Do You Need to Be Successful in the Green Rush?

  1. City and State Applications
  2. Business Plans
  3. Operations Plans
  4. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for Operations Plans
  5. Compliance Assessment, Auditing, Monitoring, Training, and Spot Checks
  6. Risk Assessment to Identify Potential Problem Areas and Mitigation Plans
  7. Science to optimize plant health from the roots up
  8. Pest and Disease Assessment, Plant Health Promotion, and Plants Health Plans
  9. Teaching, Employee Training, Workshops

Commercial Cannabis Applications

We are industry leaders in the delivery of compliant, compelling, and winning commercial cannabis applications for legal marijuana licenses/permits in states and cities with medical regulations and laws. From applications in highly competitive environments for full vertical integration with multiple operations, such as cultivation, manufacturing, and dispensary, to low-competition "fill-in-the-blank" applications, we bring our Project Management, Systems Engineering, and Science skills to each opportunity.

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Consulting for Indoor Growing

We focus on creating a healthy hydroponics system through the use of beneficial microbes, beneficial insects, and best practices. Ultimately, this maximizes quality and yield without the use of pesticides. We provide full documentation, which includes training materials, employee compliance materials, and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Teaching, Training & Workshops

We are devoted to educating our clients and the public about legal marijuana. Patients and Caregivers in legal marijuana states, as well as commercial cannabis businesses, need excellent training from experienced educators: we are experienced teachers at the college level, employee training, and for the public with popular lectures and workshops.

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